Posted in Japan by spookylove on August 31, 2009

So i have been in Japan for just over a week, and moved into my new apartment on saturday! Its really bizarre here, i have tatami mats and sliding doors and a shower head that sprays out just under my chin because sadly im not a tiny japanese woman.

Today i was supposed to have my last day of observing teachers at kindergartens, but all schools have all been shut because of an incoming typhoon that should hit tokyo in a little while. We have been told to stay inside but i was hungry earlier so armed with my new umbrella i went outside….and nearly got blown away. 🙂 Was so worth it though because i got to buy my new favourite food, the inside out sandwich. THATS RIGHT, an inside out sandwich. Oh japan.

Anyway, ill be uploading photos within the next few days, get ready to see various photos of fancy toilets. AND a praying mantis, theres one in my apartment stairwell. I named him Lucifer.


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  1. tokyo5 said, on August 31, 2009 at 8:20 PM

    >an inside out sandwich.

    What’s that? おにぎり?

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