dancing jam

Posted in Japan by spookylove on September 6, 2009

I have my first full day off today and i’m going to spend it sleeping, eating and going grocery shopping, ie buying food items that have amusing pictures of food dancing on them. This method of shopping doesn’t always go to plan though as i discovered a few days ago, after buying what i thought was an extremely happy pot of strawberry jam, only to find that i’d bought, um, tomato puree. Whatever, i ate it.

You will be pleased to know i’ve totally mastered the chopsticks. I did get a bit over confident the other day though and managed to flick a piece of raw meat across the restaurant. I just carried on eating, i’m sure it happens all the time, right? RIGHT?


I got lost on the train home yesterday. So lost that i had to try and ask someone, which involved saying “Ebina? Ebina?” and pointing. Good day to forget my phrase book. Anyway, 5 trains later i found the right one. It was pretty fucking scary, i had literally no idea where i was, or what line i needed to get home. I get the feeling this will happen a lot next week, i have to travel every day by myself to the kindergartens and some of them involve trains, then buses, then walking.

Check out my flickr, i’ve uploaded some photos. x


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