Posted in Japan by spookylove on September 13, 2009

This job is hard. It’s especially hard when you have a child called Shuu in your class who’s built like a small tank and seems to despise all females. Last week he bit me and attempted murder via a flannel gun and this week he pulled out all the stops and started hitting me repeatedly and whispering “baka baka baka baka…” while staring at me like a tiny demon. I’M SCARED OF A SIX YEAR OLD. Baka means idiot by the way.

I may have said very quietly under my breath, “you’re a fucking baka, you…you..shuu.” I don’t think he heard though, he was too busy kicking a kitten.


I’m starting to enjoy living by myself now, except for when there are spiders to deal with. I left one little guy under a glass for ages while i figured out a plan to remove him, in the end i just squashed him. I would feel bad, but i’m sure his larger brother will be around to terrorise me any day now.

I’ve not been out too much this week, but i had a fun night on thursday. We went for a meal at some place in Machida and didn’t want to go home afterwards so decided to go to karaoke again. They gave us tambourines so i was dancing around like a maniac bashing a tambourine most of the time, execept for when my requested songs came up. If you’re interested, i went for a party theme, so had ‘Fight For Your Right (To Party)’ and ‘Party Hard’.


(sorry for this awful photo,  i’m not skilled in jumping and take photos simultaneously)

I’m sure there’s actual news i could tell you…but i can’t think of anything more important than mean kids and karaoke right now.

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