old people party

Posted in Japan by spookylove on September 20, 2009

It’s Silver Week here at the moment, a new public holiday in Japan that is apparently a celebration of old people. I’m not entirely sure this is right, but in any case it means I have the next three days off work. Thanks old people!

I went into central Tokyo on Saturday (it takes about 40 mins from my station to Shinjuku) but stupidly went without a map or indeed any idea of where to go, so we basically went and people watched and played in the arcades and ate weird things from street vendors. We spent the majority of the day in Shinjuku, it was exactly how you would imagine Tokyo to be – intense, colour saturated and completely rammed with people. I finally found a purikura photobooth so had fun posing in the room shown below, afterwards you get to draw all over your photos and add insane clipart and other little bits, which are then printed out as tiny stickers. I had almost too much fun doing this. There was a street festival going on and then we went and had food in a hawaiian restaurant that was on the 16th floor of a skyscraper, and watched a hula dancing show!


I found a temple today. I’m not sure what kind of temple but it’s around the corner from my apartment block and has a main temple and lots of smaller wooden areas and statues, and a creepy cemetary. I got all excited by the trees as usual, and found a cool looking spider that I ventured close enough to so I could take a photo, then I ran away. It was pretty big and stripy, I documented it David Attenborough style. Even though i’m sure he probably wouldn’t have run away squeaking afterwards.


I have some plans for the next few days. I’m going to go and play on the train tomorrow and go to random stops to see what I can find, I know of a couple that have beautiful temples, so i might go and see if they have anything special planned for Silver Week. Then on Tuesday I’m going to go into Tokyo again, by myself this time, and will go and find some things i’ve read about, like KiddyLand and the parasite museum, complete with giant parasitic worm. What? That’s gross? I know, but at the end you can buy plush tapeworms, and bugs in candy. Um, people who i’m sending parcels home, expect bug candy.


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