Dead legs

Posted in Japan by spookylove on September 22, 2009

I climbed a mountain today.

No, seriously.


Okay so it wasn’t the biggest mountain ever (Oyama) but still was a 2 hour climb through beautiful forests, up  ancient steep steps which were literally crumbling away, pretty scary because the drop from either side of the steps was straight down. I tried to get some clear photos but the weather wasn’t all that great today. Now i’m not a fan of walking, I usually avoid walking (I can’t wait until the Segway is cheap and non-retarded) but this was completely worth it. Goosebumps. I’ve uploaded a fair amount of photos onto my flickr, it’s basically a load of trees. Tree porn if you will. I also took a manual 35mm camera so will upload those photos when i eventually get the film developed. We got to the top and after wheezing for about 10 minutes, went and made lots of wishes/prayers at the shrine. I wished for new legs.


We then got the cable car back down the mountain, because come on, who am I? Linford fucking Christie?


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