Posted in Japan by spookylove on October 5, 2009

I got a letter from my best friend today. Made me very happy. I did get my hand stuck in my mailbox trying to get it out (i’ve yet to figure out the mailbox.) but it was worth the embarassment of the little kid who lives next door laughing at me while I wrestled my arm free.

If anyone else wants a pen pal, or you know, wants to send me food because i’m poor and a kitchen retard, hit me up with an email and i’ll send you my address. I’m in the process of making a few packages to send to people but I haven’t been paid yet so you will all just have to wait, food is more important than stamps. For once.

We have a Halloween event coming up soon, it takes place in a park in Tokyo in a couple of weeks. All of the teachers in our company are put at different locations within the park and kids have to go around to all of them collecting clues for the overall game, I forget what kind of game, they told us we get to wear costumes and I must have got so excited over this I missed hearing what the actual game is. What should I go as? I’m veering towards a Halloween staple, the skeleton suit. Apparently we can’t be too scary or the kids will crap their pants.


I’ve decided when I come home and move out that I will definitely have to live with someone, I can’t stand not having someone to talk to (or at) when I wake up. It’s sort of okay here though because I can just hang out of my bedroom window and two of the girls who I’ve made friends with live directly opposite, so we have shouty conversations every morning. This somewhat makes up for it.


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