November: ♥

Posted in Japan by spookylove on November 12, 2009

San-X Kapari-san:

Arashi (boyband/also have TV show), my teenage (girl) students always show me the millions of A4 photos they keep in their backpacks of Arashi, I haven’t decided who my favourite is yet. However, the bowtie in the middle has drawn me in…Don’t try and deny it, those eyebrows and that bowtie, and come to think of it, that shiny jacket too. Dreamboat.:

Meiji Galbo Mini:

Lawson Supermarket:

Japanese heated table (little tables that have heaters underneath so you can insert a blanket between the legs and table top and have yourself some nice toasty legs):

Skyping my best friend. That’s Jenny, not the cat taking over her face:

jenny and bear

ANPANMAN!!!! The most popular cartoon series in Japan for kids aged 0-12, thought up by the writer when he was a soldier starving in WW2, dreaming of eating a bean-jam filled pastry you can get here called Anpan. Insane. My favourite is Dokin-chan!  “Anpanman doesn’t need food or drink to sustain himself and has never been seen eating. It is believed the bean jam in his head gives him sustenance.”  Excuse me while I die of joy. :


After spending some minutes googling the images above…I’m not convinced it was worth a whole blog entry. But still, I did put some valuable time that would have otherwise been spent googling photos of Justin Theroux on this, so…PUBLISH.



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