I Give My First Love to You

Posted in Japan by spookylove on November 23, 2009


I watched this film last night, it was in Japanese with no subtitles so I could pick out the odd word or sentence but that was it. The cinema guy clearly thought I spoke Japanese while I attempted to buy our tickets, and I didn’t have the heart to disappoint him. Just said “HAI” few times and acted all like, yeah man I totally know what you’re sayin. It seemed to work, but I may have just come across like a happy retard.

Really good film based on a comic series, it involved a lot of dramatic slapping and pushing over and a violent train crossing accident and a wedding between a girl and an urn that contained her beloved boyfriend who died from what I want to say was some kind of heart problem.

I drank melon cream soda and ate popcorn and Every Burger…small burgers made out of biscuit and chocolate, they have teeny sesame seeds sprinkled on the bun which tasted quite gross but looked damn good.



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