Posted in Japan, yum by spookylove on December 6, 2009

I spent today people watching in Hon-Atsugi, and eating. Eating a lot actually. I’m still eating now in fact. I’ve decided when I come home I won’t be able to live without bento boxes so my next goal is to learn how to make the perfect bento, complete with artificial grass and Kapibarasan soy sauce dispensers. Admittedly, I’m a disgustingly bad cook (for a 22 year old) but I think I can handle some rice. And fish. And tempura. And gyoza…I should admit that a few hours ago I did in fact burn popcorn. Maybe tempura is a bad idea, hot oil + clueless dweeb = THIRD DEGREE BURNS, KIDS.

Maybe one day I too will produce perfectly shaped Mamegoma rice balls. Rice balls that don’t taste like flavoured erasers.

I promise to take more photos soon, I keep seeing things that I want to photograph – like the lady in front of me in a shop who appeared to be wearing the entire line of Hello Kitty “Diamante Wishes” collection (before you google “diamante wishes hello kitty”, I made it up. It was probably called Hello Kitty eats Paris Hilton.) – but I keep forgetting to take my camera out with me, something a serious photographer would never do, I’m sure.

I sent 3 boxes of christmas gifts home earlier this week, and they arrived in the U.K. 2 DAYS LATER. Hello my caring Japanese post office man who gives me stickers, care to go all street fighter on the Royal Mail fuckers who have managed to lose 2 of my incoming parcels? Yeah, ultra combo that ass.



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