Arashi First Concert in Seoul: You Are My Seoul, Soul

Posted in Japan, yum by spookylove on December 13, 2009

Arashi are promoting the new au kddi phone range at the moment, so I get to see these guys everytime I get on the train. I have become slightly obsessed with Arashi, it was inevitable really.

OH SHO-CHAN. You, with your carefully tied scarf and dreamy jazz hands. Poor effort Nino, I expected more from you. As for Ohno, what’s up dance leader? What happened? When did you lose the magic of dance?

In Harajuku today I found the motherload. A gigantic screen and billboard featuring the adverts, it was beautiful. I honestly let out a tiny scream and stopped dead in the street, pretty dangerous considering how busy this particular street is (Takeshita Dori…I hate you) Didn’t take a photo, I felt it would be going into fangirl territory. Something I now regret. To ease the pain I’m watching photo montages on youtube, love the montages man. There’s even a Nino and Aiba love fest one, soundtracked by Taylor Swift.



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