happy birthday jesus pt 1

Posted in Japan by spookylove on December 21, 2009

Christmas Day is almost upon us. I don’t think it would be possible to feel any less excited than I do right now but I plan to make the best of the situation and do what any person should do on Christmas day in Japan, karaoke. Of course I’m working most of the day, with my favourite children of the week – the girl who dribbles on me and the little boy who still looks at me like he’s contemplating various ways to kill with only a flannel and plucky determination.

I’m going to Sunshine City in a couple of days to visit the aquarium and planetarium and the cat house where you pay money to sit in a room full of cats. I don’t fully agree with this, there’s a stray cat down the road who I’M SURE would let me pet him for no charge at all, but he only has half a tail and makes a strange noise when I walk past every day so I would really rather not go near him.

I spent most of Sunday night making origami cranes while on the phone, it’s addictive and I needed a reason why I was making a ton of paper shapes other than going insane so I made a pretty mobile. I plan to master the bunny next.



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