world’s most violent but lovely Kitty.

Posted in Japan by spookylove on December 23, 2009

giant Gloomy Bear vs Hello Kitty – I love her, shes gloomy and sweet simultaneously. I went to Harajuku again on Wednesday and went to the Meiji Temple for the first time. There was a traditional wedding happening and I took some photos, the bride looked incredible. I then had lunch and read my book in Yoyogi Park, it’s a great place to sit and watch, from my seat I could see a guy practising his catwalk moves, a girl group dancing, cute boys skateboarding and an interesting group of teenagers who were playing a game that involved a boombox, shouting and running – I loved them and was dying to go over and talk but I’d already hit my embarassment limit for the day by asking these (quite frankly terrifying) lolita chicks if I could photograph them.

Nino likes Mario too?! I think it might be time to write a letter to him asking what his favourite flavour gum is and what brand of hairspray he uses and how many times a day does he drink water and does he think that the traditional new years rice cakes taste like soy bean flavoured whale shit too and what character does he like to play on mario kart because my favourite is yoshi and sometimes luigi. Although his hair is putting me off stalking slightly, i’m all for girly hair but he seems to have that untouchable hair, you know, where you would get your hand slapped away for messing it up. No fun.



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