Feng Zhenghu

Posted in Japan by spookylove on January 5, 2010

This guy has been stuck at Narita Airport for 2 months now…madness. Tom Hanks, look at this mess, I blame you.

Jenny I think you should befriend him next week. Although it says here in my news story that he hasn’t had a shower since November, so maybe febreze ol’ Feng first.

Went to Ueno Zoo today and it was pretty awful, at one point they simulated a tiger roaring to scare the elephants into making elephant noises (trumpeting? neighing? WHAT) and then kiddies were hoisted up onto their backs, and everyone looked on while a 10 year old jumped up and down on one elephant in particular, kicking him. At that point I left the zoo, before I threw up my anpanman candyfloss. Seriously, how can a country as technologically advanced as Japan is still have places like this? Although I did run over to the flamingos and prairie dogs in glee so I guess I’m not that outraged about it. And there was a hippo couple, they were spooning and it was adorable. I took a picture but it just looks like a gelatinous mass of grey and brown blubber.



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