Projects fuelled by Boredom: #1

Posted in Japan by spookylove on January 11, 2010

After wasting my entire Sunday evening on the internet (ie WAH blog inspiration, celebrity trash, wikipedia articles about cloud formations etc and a small amount of justin theroux stalking) I decided to paint my nails in some kind of disgusting purple/blue leopard print. I’m sure this has hit a tackiness all time high, not necessarily a bad thing. I’ve uploaded some film prints from the mountain expedition in September, they aren’t particularly great but as you all know I am now with scanner and unfortunately (for you) that means everything I own will at some point be scanned.

Jenny lands on Thursday, I cleaned today especially for her – what a lucky lady. Even though I’m back to working full time we are going to fit in as much as possible, including Sanrio Puroland, DisneySea and other childish things that 22 year olds shouldn’t really be participating in.

In other news, I think I’m coming back early. Maybe early May time. There’s too much bad stuff going on here and not enough good, and it’s becoming a waste of time.



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