tell mum everything is okay

Posted in love by spookylove on February 6, 2010

So, i’ve just realised I’ve hit the 6 month mark…I feel like I’ve been here for years at this point. Was feeling very proud and responsible and grown up while thinking this until I microwaved some soup still in the carton and heard a loud POP POP POP noise, yes…i’m that retarded. Opened the microwave to a tiny fire. I still ate the soup, is that wrong? I’ve now had three small fires in my kitchen. Although I can blame Jenny for one of those. While rushing to shut all the doors so my scary japanese alarm didn’t start beeping (I’m forever scared of it because I honestly have no idea how to turn it off, I guess my only option would be to remove it from the wall and jump on it) I shut my thumb in the sliding fucking doors and started to cry. Grown up feeling has quickly evaporated.

The snow didn’t last long, although there are still piles of it along the roads and near shops. On Thursday a kindergarten kid who we shall call Freddie decided nothing would make him happier than stuffing gross dirty snow down my boots. Freddie (NAOKI THE DEVIL BOY) almost got a slap and a snowball to the face but I guess he is a 6 year old and I need to get a grip.

Sorry for the lack of anything lately, haven’t been that interested in taking photos or writing. Might go and see Daniel Johnston play next week, he’s going to be at this place called LaForet, in Harajuku. It’s shopping mecca, and has all this little half floors and a crazy lift.

I sent my sister home some baby clothes a few weeks ago, including mittens shaped like bunnies and baby leggings covered in robots! Jessica has recently learnt how to roll both ways so is having fun rolling her way around the house. My sister has apparently got bored of going to retrieve her and so now Jess gets stuck in doorways and under tables.

SEE? That’s a rolling baby right there. Proud.


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