my favourite animal is the bald eagle because it has an evil face.

Posted in Japan by spookylove on March 8, 2010

Sunday was delightful. Speech Contest day. In the same vein as an American spelling bee, there were endless 5 year olds sharing their broken english and profoundness with a 1000 other people. One kid decided his favourite animal was a guinea pig “because it is.” Beautiful. The morning was pretty hilarious due to small children in suits and bowties talking total rubbish/heavily breathing into a tiny microphone. The afternoon was horrific because it was older kids, and each teacher had to accompany their students onto the stage to conduct conversations…one of mine went something like this: “Hi Reichi! *silence* What did you do last weekend? *cough and terrified mumble* What will you be doing NEXT weekend? “Played the organ. Drums?” …

One thing I did enjoy was The Shining/Twin Peaksesque building the contest was held in! I wanted to live there, it was all red velvet and polished black elevators. I would not have been surprised to see a small person dancing in the corridor whilst talking backwards, I would have been delighted in fact.



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