barbarian you sphincter!

Posted in Japan, love by spookylove on March 16, 2010

March so far has been all about cherry blossom anticipation, Robert Downey Jr and Ogre You Asshole. And my sticky tape collection, which is reaching new levels of awesome, I now have kitten tape and a recent purchase, Moomin tape. Thats right Mr Davies, I said MOOMINS. Scary Swedish Cow Bears. On sticky tape. So I can Moomin up whatever I want, so far I’ve put it on my microwave, which I’m sure the next tenant of this glorious cardboard apartment will appreciate.

I just bought my ticket to go see Ogre You Asshole and Deerhoof next week, I’m curious to see what Japanese crowds are like, apparently they aren’t the liveliest bunch? I don’t think this will stop me from dancing but I may feel quite silly whilst doing so on my own. I just checked on lastfm and apparently Bob Dylan is here next month, 12,000 yen a ticket?!! For that price I would expect a glitter vest and some kind of Lady Gaga type production, get on it Bobby. Borrow the Pussy Wagon.

Do you like my new cup?? I sure do. In real life I’m not this pale, and wouldn’t normally do a pose that suggests I’m high on glue/on myspace circa 2004 but it’s a great cup, focus on the cup.



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