By morning you’ll be gone

Posted in Japan by spookylove on March 21, 2010

I’ve now experienced Kabuki Theatre. The costumes were incredible and I was in awe of the geishas in the balconies eating their bento boxes, while we were standing craning our necks up on the highest level. We got tickets to watch ONNA SHIBARAKU (Female “Wait a Minute”) and boy, was THAT a long hour. I did love it, but only after taking my shoes off and eating chocolate to sustain the standing up. I especially enjoyed the audience participation that took place, I joined in with the laughing, who knows what the hell I was laughing at but it’s nice to join in. 

 We also visited the Mori Art Museum where my camera prowess hit an all time high and I somehow managed to film 5 second shots of all my favourite pieces of art, rather that taking photographs. Unaware of this until I got home, the resulting 20+ videos all go something like this:

Look how clueless I am in the first video, thinking I’m taking a sweet picture of some fawns.



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