Goodbye cruel world.

Posted in butt munch by spookylove on April 7, 2010

My computer died, along with 8 months worth of photos and music. And I just found out my nan has now broken both her hips, one of which occurred while she was in hospital recovering from…A HIP REPLACEMENT. All in all, not having a great day. This blog will be temporarily closed while I go scream into a pillow and pull a bank heist to pay for laptop repair. I’m currently using my net book which is roughly the same size as a midgets arse and makes typing a whole lot less fun than before.

Japan is very pretty at the moment, what with the cherry blossom everywhere. I would show you a photo I took yesterday but…

I HATE YOU WINDOWS. AND YOU TOO BILLY BOY, WATCH YOUR BACK. I’ll whip you with my now useless laptop cable and squish your head.



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  1. jenny said, on April 10, 2010 at 10:00 PM

    Noooooo! Kill Billy Boy!!!

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