Posted in Japan by spookylove on April 24, 2010

One of my boys has somehow learnt the word “Penis”. So yesterday, I had a kid shouting PENIS at me for half an hour, whilst giggling like a maniac and gesturing to his own penis. I guess in a way, by laughing after he said it the first time, I appeared to have been condoning his behaviour. Much like the kid screaming “STUPID!!” … “I’LL KILL YA!” and pointing to his classmate last week, which made me cry because I found (and still find) it so hilarious. I think I accidentally taught a child how to say “Shit” yesterday too (Teaching pronouns makes me use bad words) but she appeared to forget it almost instantly, so let’s all say a big hurrah for my useless teacher skills.

In other news, my parents are definitely still coming over next week. We’re planning on going to Hiroshima on the Shinkansen, and staying in a hostel which I’m not so thrilled about, but will just take a leaf out of my kid’s book and yell “I’LL KILL YA!” if anyone tries to steal my blanket.



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