Posted in butt munch, Japan, yum by spookylove on April 26, 2010

It has just fully hit home that I’ll be seeing my mum, IN REAL LIFE. IN TWO DAYS. I have spruced up the apartment for the imminent arrival, and may even buy proper food for once. Like milk, and…apples. I had to ask my mum on Skype what people are supposed to keep in the fridge, because mine consists of salad dressing, peanut butter, a red pepper and juice. AND HAM. No, seriously. I just went and checked. I appear to mostly eat outside of the fridge, like cereal and rice. This proves yet again I would have lived quite contentedly in the Middle Ages, or some other period of fridge-less time.

So I have turned out to be the worst friend you could have living in an exciting place like Japan, because I hardly ever post photos. And then when I do, I discover that all I photographed in April was food and cherry blossom. And Charlene in her IMAX glasses. ENJOY.


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