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Posted in Japan by spookylove on May 9, 2010

My parents came and went, it was my 23rd birthday and I went to Hiroshima. I’ve uploaded a few photos to flickr, my camera skills failed me yet again. Someday I will learn what aperture means, and will use the little spinny thing on the camera accordingly. I’m very sad about my parents going, although not quite as much as when Jenny went back home, but that was because she was alone and I felt protective and also sick to my stomach that she would get lost or get abducted between here and Narita. And buried alive in a bath of sand. IT HAPPENS. Google it.

Hiroshima was shockingly beautiful and I wasn’t expecting it to be. My dad is old and his old feet didn’t appreciate a lot of walking, so on our last day I ditched them and caught a train and a ferry and accidentally climbed  up a mountain. Why does this keep happening to me? It was great and everything, but my thighs went into shock afterwards and I think my bum cheeks are pretty angry at me right now. It was the draw of the cable car, to me they are more exciting than Space Mountain so I think I forgot that the whole purpose of a mountain cable car was that it assisted you UP somewhere. The cable car went over a primeval forest that has been protected by some government…really old trees AND a pant shittingly high cable car trip?? I kept looking to see if there were any velociraptors flying around because I COULD HAVE BEEN IN JURASSIC PARK IT WAS THAT COOL

The Peace Park was okay, it didn’t hit home that I was in that same place we all learnt about in history lessons until I went over the bridge to the A-Dome. So messed up. The Museum didn’t hold back either, with their replica wax victims with skin dripping off, and actual human hair from August 1945. And large scale images of radiation sickness. I understand we all have to learn from what happened but I just wish I hadn’t decided to pay a visit to the museum immediately after eating ice cream.

Only 4 months till hometime. Although I may be making a detour on the way back, I fancy travelling home on the Trans-Siberian train from Beijing. My suitcase broke and I don’t want to buy another one…that’s the main reason. I like the idea of being alone on the train for 6 days with only Russian people for company.


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