Hell is a teenage girl

Posted in bunnies and kittens, love by spookylove on May 13, 2010

I have two older sisters. One gave birth a month before I left England and I found out today that my other sister is 3 months pregnant. She has been with her partner for nearly 9 years, they met one fateful night at the tender age of 18 and haven’t had so much as a heated argument since. I’m incredibly sad that I’m not there to give her a hug. Was even thinking last week that I might not come home in September because I’m not overly excited about the prospect of coming back and sinking into lifelessness again. Does someone want to find me a job at a record label in England? Ideally in the art department, maybe designing all album covers and tour posters and helping set up music videos, making props. ANYONE? YEAH DIDN’T THINK SO. I’ll be making tea and coffee for the next 10 years.  But because of all the  adorable children popping out of my siblings, I have to come home. So I can bestow presents like this:

Yes, that IS a latex pony.



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