Posted in Japan, love by spookylove on May 18, 2010

I sat on the bus today, looked in my bag and found the following:

Pretz (cheese flavour, the best flavour), wind up headphones, an iPod that has been destroyed by DIY decoration, Miffy Pasmo card holder, A PERSONAL MOOMINS TOWEL, a giant silk hair bow even though I only ever wear it for short periods of time, a pink cellphone with a doll bell hanging off it amongst other things, Miffy lip balm and a resurrected giant Paul Frank purse with ‘Kiss My Axe’ emblazoned on it. *EDIT* Have put a photo up on Flickr of some of these items, woah

I am 7 years old. By the way, don’t ever mock the personal towel. I am going to attempt to make it a trend back in England because it’s so handy and everyone has them and I’m a sheep. I saw a lady who clearly smelled a bad smell on the train last week and she snobbishly got out her flannel and made it into a tiny square then shoved it up to her nostrils in disgust. I did also see a man on the train yesterday who was so drunk he had kicked off his shoes and was sprawled across like 4 seats (PRIORITY SEATS TOO, I’M TELLING ON HIM) and I tell you, I wanted to get out my flannel too and shove it up my nose, he smelt like a menstruating ferret.

I’m ill again, my chest implodes every time I cough. I should go to the doctors but I’m too tired to make endless amounts of hand gestures to demonstrate what’s wrong. It’s hard enough buying a sandwich. One time I decided to say “yes” in Japanese every time a clerk at Lawsons asked me a question. I ended up with an extra pair of chopsticks, salad dressing even though I wasn’t buying a salad, and no bag.

I will get around to uploading those instant Hiroshima photos at some point but it’s dull using a scanner. I know…you’re all just bouncing up and down in your computer chairs clapping your hands in excitement to see them.

There wasn’t much point to this, I am suffering from chestitis and My So Called Life overload and there was no one fun on Skype to talk to and my real life buds have gone to sleep now, so I guess I had better do the same. Gotta teach dem kiddies tomorrow. I AM SO OVER THIS JOB. Rescue me?


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