How many times do I gotta tell you newks – no talkin’ after lights out!!

Posted in Japan, yum by spookylove on June 6, 2010

NEWS. I don’t have much news. Went to see the new Sex and the City film at the insistence of my girl buddies, but heck, I didn’t protest that hard. I enjoyed the Liza Minelli cameo the most…and that was within the first ten minutes. She sung a Beyonce song for chrissakes. I always want to take videos inside my local movie theater, because the adverts are fucking hilarious and I don’t even understand them. Powerful. Y’know at home the anti-piracy blah blah advert thing is that girl downloading a film and the weird man hammering or something (memory is getting fuzzy) WELL in Japan, the equivalent of this is maybe one of the best things I’ve ever seen. It features a guy wearing a video camera head, dancing. That’s all it is. I just spent a whole 5 minutes on youtube trying to find a video of it to show you but obviously no one else has picked up on the joy that is the anti-piracy dancing man.

We also visited our local ramen place. It’s pretty disgusting in there but we love the man who runs it, he calls us his top number one english gentlemans, which I think is high praise indeed. Plus, the ramen is incredible, he makes us inspect all the ingredients before he cooks it, and last night he made me eat a hard boiled egg in front of him, literally wouldn’t leave the table until he was satisfied I’d eaten the egg. What a guy.

Have under 3 months left. I’m getting panicky at the thought of leaving, even though I want to? I’m going to sleep at a friends house for a week or so after leaving my apartment and then will somehow get to Beijing and catch a train westbound to London, via the Trans-Siberian Railway. Am very excited, I can’t imagine ever having the opportunity/circumstance to be able to do this in the future so now is the time. I’m just starting to seriously research it, and it looks like quite an intense and scary trip but I’m determined to do it now. Worryingly, essential items a passenger should bring on the train include…cutlery. Actually, there’s a Hammer Horror film that’s set on the Tran-Siberian, it’s called Horror Express. Let’s just hope I meet lots of friendly Russians willing to feed me, and maybe protect me from soul sucking aliens.

Situations at home have made me think about living elsewhere again next year, Amsterdam maybe? Anyone want to recommend me a place to live? My list so far includes Marfa (an art town in Texas) Brazil, Montreal and Seattle or San Francisco. America will be pretty hard to crack, I think I’ll need to force some guy into marrying me. Something to work on.



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