The newt play the flute the carp play the harp the plaice play the bass

Posted in Japan by spookylove on June 13, 2010

I skipped a training session at work (My boss is a sociopath) to go visit Tokyo Disney Sea on Saturday.

It was stupidly hot within the park, I felt sorry for the guys dressed up as characters, I kept getting reminded of the banana suit George Michael had to wear in Arrested Development. It was one of the best days I’ve had here, I went with my two girls Sally and Charlene. We have reached that stage now where we are maybe too comfortable with each other.  I can tell how comfortable and buddy buddy we’ve become, because we do that thing where you puke out conversation, just talk about all kinds of irrelevant shit. I love it when friends reach that stage.

To sum up, Disney Sea was very very good, the Mermaid Lagoon Theatre production of ‘Under The Sea’ was not. Although it did make me laugh so hysterically I got shushed by an attendant, who was dressed like a blow fish. That didn’t help.

I didn’t buy the vaguely racist enamel pins above, instead I got a Slinky sausage dog one that’s all bendy and will be going on my denim jacket asap. Preparation for Toy Story 3. I also continued my Stitch obsession and bought a Stitch shaped lanyard pouch that I will be proudly wearing out.  Look, I nearly bought a sequined fanny pack once…surely this is better? Just remember the first entry on here, IT WAS PROPHETIC. I also got a Stitch beaded phone charm because he was uglier than usual and I felt bad for him. He has a little club foot and everything, how precious:



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