I was drawing crazy pictures and before I was done the pictures started pulsing like an alien lung

Posted in Japan by spookylove on June 19, 2010

It’s hot. And rainy. I feel like I’m constantly walking through a sweaty armpit.

Today I’m trying to keep cool by sticking everything in the freezer, including drinks, ice cream, edamame beans, shoes, and my torso on occasion. The shoes are for a separate reason actually, I was told by a somewhat unreliable source that putting them in the freezer expands them…? Having some trouble with footwear right now, Japanese women are so fucking petite that a size 6 shoe is apparently unheard of, I feel like a big footed freakazoid.

Going to watch the World Cup (gag me) tonight with some Japanese guys. I will be heckling both teams. I hate professional football. I hate it so much. Or maybe I just think it’s incredibly dull. Either way, I  can’t work up enough passion to actually care about a bunch of primped guys jogging around a field, like it actually means something? Like the winning country will suddenly become the king of all the other countries?? OH RIGHT, the trophy. I forgot about the shiny trophy.



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