go gently, gaijin

Posted in Japan by spookylove on June 27, 2010

I’m packing up boxes to ship home. Or at least I was, until I had a major mood downswing and had to come and look at pictures of LOLCATS.


I’m feeling very dazed all the time at the moment, like I can’t focus properly – the intense heat right now is a contributing factor as all I want to do is sleep and have someone occasionally spray me with a water bottle. Or one of those fans with the spray bottles attached, have you seen them??? SO COOL, not even a little bit dorky. Not even a little bit. Nope.

The main reason is I’m freaking out quite intensely due to not being prepared in any way to come home. I haven’t booked a flight (the train thing sadly looks to be out of my price range…I’m very sad and can’t even talk about it) I haven’t sorted out the mass of kawaii junk I have accumulated over these past few months which is going to be a bitch to ship home, and oh WAIT, I just bought a little bit more:

Yeah and now I’m going to blog about it, just to waste even more time. I’m like the opposite of Mr Motivator, I am Miss Procrastinator. Still,  good haul from Daiso, Japan’s 100 yen store. About half of this is for my baby niece and the other half is for me. Highlights include a Hello Kitty picnic sheet, toothbrush & toothpaste puffy stickers, and little note cards that feature a squirrel and say “The place is his reserved seat. He generally passes daytime there.” MUST BUY.

I have started taking photos of my favourite kids, just my favourites though, I mainly don’t like my kids here. I know I’m supposed to like all children but come on, I have a spitter, a smacker and a chair thrower in just one class alone.

This is Hikaru (left) and Oto.

I think Oto is so pretty.

They are my favourite kids of the entire week because they are extremely fast learners so we get our lessons done in like 10 minutes, leaving the remaining time to roll around on the floor, play card games, shout different fruit names at each other, and basically…we have a good time. I’m aware that this is probably not something you care about, but whatever, I love them.

Ugh I guess I should go back to packing my boxes.



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