Have a mental margarita

Posted in Japan by spookylove on July 12, 2010

It’s all kinds of hot in Japan right now, I just went to take the rubbish out (MONDAY’S PAPER YOU GUYS) and literally had to come back in and lie down dramatically, waiting I presume for some imaginary person to bring me an iced tea.

Embarassing incident relating to the sweat-fest happening right now: I got stuck to someone on the train. My sweaty leg met their sweaty leg and there was a peeling scenario that made me want to die. It was a not unattractive Japanese man to whom I was stuck. Does that make it better or worse? Who knows. All I know is, don’t wear short shorts on the train and think you WON’T get stuck to someone, because it happens. Then a nice lady pointed out the bug that was smooshed on my t-shirt. All in all, not a great outfit pick today.

I went to Harajuku today and for some reason the only photo I took was this:

A Blythe Doll dressed as Dumbo. I’m a bit confused as to why I only took one photo this morning but there you have it. Obviously I saw it and thought, YES THAT IS MY PHOTO OPPORTUNITY OF THE DAY. I’m going to analyse this one photo of mine, just because I can. There I am in the background, looking very serious it seems but really I was just on the look out for those pesky shop folk who don’t like photos taken of their precious shop interiors. OH MY I have only just noticed the Pinnochio Blythe Doll there. And there you have it, my photo analysis.

I’ve booked my flight home. It has a stop over in Abu Dhabi (which I think is very exciting, not that I’ll see any part of the country other than the waiting lounge) and is a horrific 20 plus hours ordeal if you add up flight/wait time, but as I’ll be landing on a Sunday my whole family are going to come get me and that means I get to see Jessica, my niece who wasn’t even two months old when I left. She’s now walking, licking and poking everything, including cats and chair legs. I fully expect her to stroll up to me at the airport and say “Hey there, how was the flight? Did those son of a bitch air stewardesses con you out of the inflight drinks AGAIN? I hate it when they do that. ” Seeing as she says “Eee-oo” instead of Hello I maybe be getting my hopes up.

I think I’m writing all this crap so you won’t notice the lack of photos.

OH OH here’s some:

My phone which even by Japanese standards has become ridiculously accessorized  // Edamame snack time with my penguin salt shaker // Unashamedly showing my sweaty frizz ball hair and puke in your mouth nail job. If it makes anyone feel less like puking I have just re-done them. Still in the lilac colour though, I love it because it looks like candy and I love candy. The weird things I’m holding are BearBricks, I guess you can get these elsewhere in places like Kid Robot. Blind box, I got a cute one and a boring flag one. Wanna trade? The box says it’s rare. Imagine I said that in a wheedling voice.


This song reminds me of Lost in Translation in a pleasant way.


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  1. mellatron said, on July 13, 2010 at 4:43 AM

    Hold up girlfriend! Who owes who an email? Because I am super sure that you owe ME!xx

    ps-I also have lilac nails! We are telepathetic!!


    ppps-you look v pretty in these pictures, I like what I can see of your face


  2. spookylove said, on July 13, 2010 at 6:55 PM

    I’m going to write you one straight after eating my dinner! That’s bizarre-o about the nails! Mine is Essie Lilacism, I want to eat it straight out of the bottle! Like liquid Parma Violets, except I hate Parma Violets, who wants to eat a sweet that tastes like old lady perfume? Some people are crazy. HA just noticed you wrote telepathetic, too true.

    Taco Bell? Steve sure knows how to please his woman. Whatcha getting, a taco?



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