Let’s all put on a folk hat and learn something about a foreign culture!

Posted in Japan by spookylove on July 30, 2010

I’m going round to a friend’s house tomorrow for a meal with her parents. I say ‘friend’, I pretty much hate her because she annoys me. She’s too chirpy, sometimes I feel like punching her in the face. But I promised I would go, and I won’t get many other chances to experience a Japanese household in this way. Plus it’s a free meal cooked in a (hopefully) cockroach free zone. (I sound ungrateful. I probably am, but she’s too nice and compliments everything. Last week she complimented me on my EYELASHES. Nice people make me suspicious. Clearly I have the problem, not her)

It was windy today. AN ACTUAL BREEZE WAS FELT. I stood outside in the rain with a big smile on my face.Tonight it’s back to Sweatsville, a town where nobody looks good.

I’m climbing Mt Fuji in a week and a bit. I found out today that I have to buy 3 cans of oxygen, a head lamp thing, tracksuit bottoms and a rucksack. I haven’t worn tracksuit bottoms since my mum made me wear those emerald green velvet ones  when I was 6 years old, so I look forward to this. Honestly, I really am looking forward to it, tracksuit bottoms AND a head lamp? BABE ALERT. We are going to climb overnight to sit and watch the sun rise at 4.00 am, I don’t think I’ve ever participated in anything quite so…healthy before.

There’s a forest at the base of the mountain that’s apparently haunted by ghosts and goblins, and people used to abandon the very old and very young there. I’ve just read it’s also the second most popular place to go kill yourself, after the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Lovely.



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