Posted in love by spookylove on September 12, 2010

I got home last Sunday.

I like the weather in England. It’s nice not to be covered in a thin layer of sweat all day. The plane journey home was over 20 hours, not including the wait for my connecting flight. I loved my seat buddies on both flights, they were both Japanese and I wanted to hug them and make friends and ask them to take me back to Japan with them. The first guy had a stinking cold though. The girl on the second flight was great. She loved my Kapibarasan socks and she was fully stocked up on Japanese snacks which she kindly shared with me, as we both watched films and got uncomfortably close to cabin fever. On the journey home I watched Flubber, Iron Man 2 (1 and a half times. Mickey Rourke forever) Fantastic Four, Kick Ass, Alice In Wonderland, Malcolm in the Middle, Outnumbered, Date Night, and that’s all I can remember. Apart from that I was sleeping and fidgeting.

I was met at the airport by my family, my niece Jessica was there and it was crazy. She could walk and say the word TICKLE. I cried so much the other passengers must have thought she was my own baby or that I was dying or a competition winner or something, who knows. This week has been eventful. In good and very bad ways, but I am trying to keep perspective on everything and I know things will change soon.

So I still feel strange, but I guess it takes time to get used to a new environment. I miss Japan dearly and am starting to think it was a dream.

My Flickr pro account has run out and until I get a job that won’t be renewed so, this is the end for now. But I will be making a zine fairly soon.



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