Yo dawg I heard you like airports so I put an airport in your airport so you can airport while you airport

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Hmm. Packing up an entire apartment is hard enough when you’re just moving to a nearby town. Doing it alone, to move back halfway across the world is proving harder than I thought it would. Who knew a girl could accumulate this much stuff? I’m making good friends at the JP Post Office.

My last week at work is going well, but I do feel sad. Yesterday I was given 4 bunches of flowers, and today I was given 6 bunches of flowers, SIX! That made me feel special and also kind of like a contestant on Miss World. I felt like I should have been wearing a sash and a crown. I also have a bunch of letters and photos, and today one of the mums baked me a loaf of bread?! Insanely sweet of her, I’m eating it right now and it’s a damn fine loaf. I was all nice and friendly earlier, and handed out my flowers to various people, I now have 4 bunches left, they are making my pathetic bare apartment look hospitable.

Plans for my last weekend include a baseball game and maybe a trip to the beach, once I finish work on Tuesday I will be making a last whirlwind tour of Tokyo for a couple of days. That makes my belly crunch up, is this really happening? AM I REALLY COMING HOME? Maybe I could get “lost” in the airport at Abu Dhabi.

I’m exhausted.



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Today I got sunburn on the middle of my legs, and they are currently burning like two fiery bitches. I also found out that instead of having this Monday off before Obon Week starts, I now have to go cover some fucking teacher in fucking Chiba because of fucking personal reasons. Chiba will take at least 2 hours to reach by about 7 trains. Each way. Maybe it’s the sunburn talking, but I am as hot as balls and not amused.


Oh God, Rad Mobile!

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It has just fully hit home that I’ll be seeing my mum, IN REAL LIFE. IN TWO DAYS. I have spruced up the apartment for the imminent arrival, and may even buy proper food for once. Like milk, and…apples. I had to ask my mum on Skype what people are supposed to keep in the fridge, because mine consists of salad dressing, peanut butter, a red pepper and juice. AND HAM. No, seriously. I just went and checked. I appear to mostly eat outside of the fridge, like cereal and rice. This proves yet again I would have lived quite contentedly in the Middle Ages, or some other period of fridge-less time.

So I have turned out to be the worst friend you could have living in an exciting place like Japan, because I hardly ever post photos. And then when I do, I discover that all I photographed in April was food and cherry blossom. And Charlene in her IMAX glasses. ENJOY.

Goodbye cruel world.

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My computer died, along with 8 months worth of photos and music. And I just found out my nan has now broken both her hips, one of which occurred while she was in hospital recovering from…A HIP REPLACEMENT. All in all, not having a great day. This blog will be temporarily closed while I go scream into a pillow and pull a bank heist to pay for laptop repair. I’m currently using my net book which is roughly the same size as a midgets arse and makes typing a whole lot less fun than before.

Japan is very pretty at the moment, what with the cherry blossom everywhere. I would show you a photo I took yesterday but…

I HATE YOU WINDOWS. AND YOU TOO BILLY BOY, WATCH YOUR BACK. I’ll whip you with my now useless laptop cable and squish your head.