Yo dawg I heard you like airports so I put an airport in your airport so you can airport while you airport

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Hmm. Packing up an entire apartment is hard enough when you’re just moving to a nearby town. Doing it alone, to move back halfway across the world is proving harder than I thought it would. Who knew a girl could accumulate this much stuff? I’m making good friends at the JP Post Office.

My last week at work is going well, but I do feel sad. Yesterday I was given 4 bunches of flowers, and today I was given 6 bunches of flowers, SIX! That made me feel special and also kind of like a contestant on Miss World. I felt like I should have been wearing a sash and a crown. I also have a bunch of letters and photos, and today one of the mums baked me a loaf of bread?! Insanely sweet of her, I’m eating it right now and it’s a damn fine loaf. I was all nice and friendly earlier, and handed out my flowers to various people, I now have 4 bunches left, they are making my pathetic bare apartment look hospitable.

Plans for my last weekend include a baseball game and maybe a trip to the beach, once I finish work on Tuesday I will be making a last whirlwind tour of Tokyo for a couple of days. That makes my belly crunch up, is this really happening? AM I REALLY COMING HOME? Maybe I could get “lost” in the airport at Abu Dhabi.

I’m exhausted.



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Today I got sunburn on the middle of my legs, and they are currently burning like two fiery bitches. I also found out that instead of having this Monday off before Obon Week starts, I now have to go cover some fucking teacher in fucking Chiba because of fucking personal reasons. Chiba will take at least 2 hours to reach by about 7 trains. Each way. Maybe it’s the sunburn talking, but I am as hot as balls and not amused.


on the other side

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This time in 4 weeks I’ll be home.



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Girl won. Barely.

It happened yesterday and I’m still traumatized.

Am so over this, I’m sweating like some kind of sweat-beast and then a cockroach runs at me?? With murder in its eyes?? Japan, you suck. The entire insect world (but mainly cockroaches and cicadas) you also suck. I’m hoping he was a lone ranger looking for refreshment on the 3rd floor, NOTHING FOR YOU IN HERE SONNY.

FYI Never plan to visit Japan in the months of July and August. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


This is so bad it’s gone past good and back to bad again

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This job is the worst. Teaching is the worst. I made a 7 year old girl cry today, I got so frustrated at her because she’s a total airhead and does that thing where she’ll answer a second later than the other kid and spend the rest of the time melodramatically spread out across the table, day dreaming. Ugh, did I mention she was 7? And also has one arm in a sling? No sympathy for a one armed kid…I think I lack the compassion to be a teacher. Or to work with other humans in any capacity.

See? I’m going insane. Get me a job in a small room with a monkey at my side.

I’m making a list of squeeze-every-last-experience-out-of-Japan things to do here, this is my list so far:

Go to Kyoto – Kyoto is about 2 hours away from me on the Shinkansen, I’m going to stay in a hostel for a couple of days to sight see. Kyoto is the oldest part of Japan, and is basically historic temple and geisha heaven. Plan to do this next month when we have a long weekend.

Climb Mt. Fuji – Maybe late July? I need to um, train myself to stand up for longer than an hour. TRAINING MONTAGE. I’m excited about the hiking outfit, cute boots. We plan to do this overnight so we can watch the sun rise from the top of Mt. Fuji. It’s supposed to take the average person 6 hours to climb. I will allow myself 2 days, or will look into hiring a personal Sherpa to drag my lifeless body up the mountain.

Sapporo, Hokkaido – Planning to get a flight up north to Hokkaido in Obon week, our week long holiday in August. Very excited about this, Hokkaido is like a dream place for me for some reason.

These are the big events. I’m also making a list of local places I haven’t explored thoroughly, like Asakusa, Shimo-Kitazawa, Akihabara (Electric Town) Hakone and other places away from Tokyo itself. I feel scared to come home. At least I won’t have to teach moronic children the months of the year at home. Hurray.


squish, squash, kill that roach!

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It’s definitely summer here. I’m back to sleeping with the doors open and having the air con on full blast. I’ve had numerous people tell me to prepare for cockroaches very soon…apparently in Japan cockroaches invade everyone’s houses in the summer? Unnecessary details that were shared:

Cockroaches climb up the drains and plug holes so expect them to pay a visit mid-shower, mid-teeth brush session and so on.

Cockroaches can live without their heads for up to a month. No words.

Cockroaches are obviously Satan’s bitches and as such WILL NEVER DIE by my puny hands. Stamping on them much like I do to all other insects who look like they will jump in my mouth (a personal fear)  will only release the eggs that are stored on their bellies. Oh god.

My sister once had a typical 17 year old Essex girl in Spain holiday, and they OF COURSE had cockroaches in their apartment. She bestowed this wisdom upon me via Skype the other day, “Just get some hairspray and a lighter and blow torch them. It works.” …Thanks for that my dear. I’m sure my landlord will be pumped to find a zillion burn holes next time he pops over. I’m freaking out because I’m one of those girls capable of screaming if a daddy long legs flies too close to me (and my mouth) and so my plan is, spray some kind of bug pepper spray, get a heavy duty glass and run for my life. And hope it dies of suffocation. Do bugs need oxygen? I bet cockroaches don’t. All they need is the fear sweat of a terrified human and they are set for at least a month.

I’m off to buy an all-in-one radiation suit.  X