Yo dawg I heard you like airports so I put an airport in your airport so you can airport while you airport

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Hmm. Packing up an entire apartment is hard enough when you’re just moving to a nearby town. Doing it alone, to move back halfway across the world is proving harder than I thought it would. Who knew a girl could accumulate this much stuff? I’m making good friends at the JP Post Office.

My last week at work is going well, but I do feel sad. Yesterday I was given 4 bunches of flowers, and today I was given 6 bunches of flowers, SIX! That made me feel special and also kind of like a contestant on Miss World. I felt like I should have been wearing a sash and a crown. I also have a bunch of letters and photos, and today one of the mums baked me a loaf of bread?! Insanely sweet of her, I’m eating it right now and it’s a damn fine loaf. I was all nice and friendly earlier, and handed out my flowers to various people, I now have 4 bunches left, they are making my pathetic bare apartment look hospitable.

Plans for my last weekend include a baseball game and maybe a trip to the beach, once I finish work on Tuesday I will be making a last whirlwind tour of Tokyo for a couple of days. That makes my belly crunch up, is this really happening? AM I REALLY COMING HOME? Maybe I could get “lost” in the airport at Abu Dhabi.

I’m exhausted.



this must be where pies go when they die

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I’m re-reading ‘The Autobiography of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes’, and THEN I COME ACROSS THIS

What are you doing here, honey? You’re not even old enough to know how bad life gets.

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I would say this is an excuse to show off my new flannels. I don’t think I ever took flannels seriously before I came to Japan. Or even thought about them in any capacity. Japan has made me appreciate the small face towel for what it can be, a stylish sweat buster! I think this might be the start of a Vivienne Westwood flannel collection. NOW DO YOU THINK FLANNELS ARE COOL?


I’m Bill Murray, you’re everybody else.

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I may find my friend annoying, but she sure knows how to fill my belly. We ate so much sashimi. Sachi’s family have their own way of eating this, instead of putting the nori/sticky rice/raw fish together beforehand, they had it all set out so we could make our own. Which I loved because it meant I got to add all the soy sauce and wasabi my little salty heart could ever desire.

Then we had tempura, aka FOOD OF ZEUS.

By this point I had entered into a food coma but they just kept on bringing out more food. Charlene and I kept on making sick faces at each other, it was a good sick feeling though. The same one you get after eating Nutella out of the jarWHATINEVERDOTHAT.

We bought her parents a gift, but were running quite late so ended up buying a plant from our local florist. By florist I mean stall with 4 half-dead plants on it. The guy stapled some cellophane to the plant after we told him it was a gift. I had to walk away from the stall because I was giggling too much, I just can’t act cool. We got a gift in return, a set of chopsticks/holder/mat and a fan. It made me regret the whole stapled plant debacle.

I loved her parents. They made me point out where I lived in the UK on some really old map, I couldn’t quite find Essex, so I made a vague gesture and they probably think I live somewhere in the vicinity of Surrey.


How many times do I gotta tell you newks – no talkin’ after lights out!!

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NEWS. I don’t have much news. Went to see the new Sex and the City film at the insistence of my girl buddies, but heck, I didn’t protest that hard. I enjoyed the Liza Minelli cameo the most…and that was within the first ten minutes. She sung a Beyonce song for chrissakes. I always want to take videos inside my local movie theater, because the adverts are fucking hilarious and I don’t even understand them. Powerful. Y’know at home the anti-piracy blah blah advert thing is that girl downloading a film and the weird man hammering or something (memory is getting fuzzy) WELL in Japan, the equivalent of this is maybe one of the best things I’ve ever seen. It features a guy wearing a video camera head, dancing. That’s all it is. I just spent a whole 5 minutes on youtube trying to find a video of it to show you but obviously no one else has picked up on the joy that is the anti-piracy dancing man.

We also visited our local ramen place. It’s pretty disgusting in there but we love the man who runs it, he calls us his top number one english gentlemans, which I think is high praise indeed. Plus, the ramen is incredible, he makes us inspect all the ingredients before he cooks it, and last night he made me eat a hard boiled egg in front of him, literally wouldn’t leave the table until he was satisfied I’d eaten the egg. What a guy.

Have under 3 months left. I’m getting panicky at the thought of leaving, even though I want to? I’m going to sleep at a friends house for a week or so after leaving my apartment and then will somehow get to Beijing and catch a train westbound to London, via the Trans-Siberian Railway. Am very excited, I can’t imagine ever having the opportunity/circumstance to be able to do this in the future so now is the time. I’m just starting to seriously research it, and it looks like quite an intense and scary trip but I’m determined to do it now. Worryingly, essential items a passenger should bring on the train include…cutlery. Actually, there’s a Hammer Horror film that’s set on the Tran-Siberian, it’s called Horror Express. Let’s just hope I meet lots of friendly Russians willing to feed me, and maybe protect me from soul sucking aliens.

Situations at home have made me think about living elsewhere again next year, Amsterdam maybe? Anyone want to recommend me a place to live? My list so far includes Marfa (an art town in Texas) Brazil, Montreal and Seattle or San Francisco. America will be pretty hard to crack, I think I’ll need to force some guy into marrying me. Something to work on.



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It has just fully hit home that I’ll be seeing my mum, IN REAL LIFE. IN TWO DAYS. I have spruced up the apartment for the imminent arrival, and may even buy proper food for once. Like milk, and…apples. I had to ask my mum on Skype what people are supposed to keep in the fridge, because mine consists of salad dressing, peanut butter, a red pepper and juice. AND HAM. No, seriously. I just went and checked. I appear to mostly eat outside of the fridge, like cereal and rice. This proves yet again I would have lived quite contentedly in the Middle Ages, or some other period of fridge-less time.

So I have turned out to be the worst friend you could have living in an exciting place like Japan, because I hardly ever post photos. And then when I do, I discover that all I photographed in April was food and cherry blossom. And Charlene in her IMAX glasses. ENJOY.

I would like to know why all the werewolves wear jean shorts. Nevernudes?

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I’ve had an unusually good day. It was freakishly hot and spring-like and I had a short day at work. So afterwards I went and sat in the park and read, and listened to music that reminds me of summer and enjoyed the breeze like a happy kitten. Now I’m home watching Twin Peaks and eating delicious Valentine’s Day strawberry flavoured Caramel Corn. Did you know in Japan it’s customary for the girls to give the guys chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Bizarre-o right? I checked in with Sayaka and she told me that there’s a day next month where the guys then have to give the girls chocolate. I was all, what’s with the chocolate man? I WANT A PUPPY.


Arashi First Concert in Seoul: You Are My Seoul, Soul

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Arashi are promoting the new au kddi phone range at the moment, so I get to see these guys everytime I get on the train. I have become slightly obsessed with Arashi, it was inevitable really.

OH SHO-CHAN. You, with your carefully tied scarf and dreamy jazz hands. Poor effort Nino, I expected more from you. As for Ohno, what’s up dance leader? What happened? When did you lose the magic of dance?

In Harajuku today I found the motherload. A gigantic screen and billboard featuring the adverts, it was beautiful. I honestly let out a tiny scream and stopped dead in the street, pretty dangerous considering how busy this particular street is (Takeshita Dori…I hate you) Didn’t take a photo, I felt it would be going into fangirl territory. Something I now regret. To ease the pain I’m watching photo montages on youtube, love the montages man. There’s even a Nino and Aiba love fest one, soundtracked by Taylor Swift.



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I spent today people watching in Hon-Atsugi, and eating. Eating a lot actually. I’m still eating now in fact. I’ve decided when I come home I won’t be able to live without bento boxes so my next goal is to learn how to make the perfect bento, complete with artificial grass and Kapibarasan soy sauce dispensers. Admittedly, I’m a disgustingly bad cook (for a 22 year old) but I think I can handle some rice. And fish. And tempura. And gyoza…I should admit that a few hours ago I did in fact burn popcorn. Maybe tempura is a bad idea, hot oil + clueless dweeb = THIRD DEGREE BURNS, KIDS.

Maybe one day I too will produce perfectly shaped Mamegoma rice balls. Rice balls that don’t taste like flavoured erasers.

I promise to take more photos soon, I keep seeing things that I want to photograph – like the lady in front of me in a shop who appeared to be wearing the entire line of Hello Kitty “Diamante Wishes” collection (before you google “diamante wishes hello kitty”, I made it up. It was probably called Hello Kitty eats Paris Hilton.) – but I keep forgetting to take my camera out with me, something a serious photographer would never do, I’m sure.

I sent 3 boxes of christmas gifts home earlier this week, and they arrived in the U.K. 2 DAYS LATER. Hello my caring Japanese post office man who gives me stickers, care to go all street fighter on the Royal Mail fuckers who have managed to lose 2 of my incoming parcels? Yeah, ultra combo that ass.


Snack Review Part 1

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Okay so I’m bored. Bored and waiting for certain people to log into skype, so while I wait i’m going to review a snack I’m eating. EXCITING NO? Prepare yourselves for the read of your life.

Name: PUCCA by Meiji

Weirdo fish shaped coffee cream filled biscuity things. I think I like them. The packaging drew me in, as always, I can’t resist a gross looking sweet snack. After eating a number of the coffee fish I feel queasy but satisfied. Meiji, you constantly make my tummy happy, BRAVO.

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