Your mother says you’re ugly

Posted in Japan, love by spookylove on August 17, 2010

Obon Week has ended, I had a good time. Climbed a mountain, killed some nerve endings, saw a dead dog.

I went to the Mori Art Museum to see the last exhibit there before I go home, it’s called Sensing Nature, and I want my money back. Although the simulated snow storm pictured above was incredible, the rest was only so so. Maybe it was too intellectual for me, I liked the snow storm so much I wanted to live in it and eat the fake snow.

I had a trip to Akihabara. Top tip: Never go to Electric Town when its 34 degrees and humidity levels are above 80%.  The combined smell of body odor and desperation and greasy hair made me feel sick. I made friends with a Western girl who was handing out leaflets on the street advertising a maid cafe. She was dressed like a manga character and I was so taken aback that I stopped dead and was staring at her for ages.

SCIENCE MUSEUM! I saw Hachiko, he looked so…dead. It’s kind of shattered the illusion for me, but I soon forgot about it when I went in the 360 globe thing they have there. You go inside a giant globe construction and stand on a bridge and they project a video onto the whole of the inside! The Science Museum has a lot of dead animals. Dead everything. I investigated the dead cockroaches and found my one, he was a middle sized Asian one…obviously. Anyway, there are some truly vile looking ones so I feel lucky mine wasn’t some kind of freaky beast.

Kapibarasan // Sho Sakurai postcards (I bought a set of 15…) // Origami cranes // Domo-kun // Polaroids from home